Galvanic Current

Using advanced electrotherapy in the form of pulsed Iontophoresis we can introduce water-soluble chemicals into the skin’s upper layer. These products go deeper into the skin where higher levels of Vitamin A and Vitamin C can work effectively to alter skin cells on a molecular level. Galvanic current can give you a healthy skin with natural glow. This procedure is indicated for Acneic and congested skin. The positive Pole can be used for:

  • To close Follicles (Pores) after the facial treatment
  • To decrease redness, as in mild acne
  • To prevent inflammation after comedone and blemish treatment
  • To Force acid PH solutions, such as astringent, into the skin

The Negative Pole can be used for:

  • To stimulate the circulation of blood to dry skin
  • To introduce disincrustation lotion (alkaline PH Solution) in to the skin

*We can add special masks or vitamin infusion to the facial treatments. Ask us about availability

Galvanic Current

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