Acute Care Physiotherapy

This area of PT focuses on the physical therapy needs of the acutely ill person. While changes in healthcare have led to an increase in the diversity of settings in which acute care physical therapy is practiced, mainly hospitals, skilled nursing units, sub-acute rehabilitation centers, home care, and acute rehabilitation centers have PT’s who would refer to themselves as “acute care physical therapists”. This type of physical therapy is unique because many times the patient is acutely ill with an active disease process while also having a acute careconcomitant decrease in physical function. Acute care physical therapists need to have a broad knowledge of pathophysiology and how disease processes can further limit the functional mobility of a person.

An acute care physical therapist is often the first physical therapist a patient and/or family has contact with once a disease process has started to effect a person’s strength, mobility, flexibility, or endurance. Acute care physical therapists work closely with the patient’s medical team (nursing, physician, social worker, case manager, etc.) to ensure that a patient is discharged appropriately. This may include recommendations for continued rehabilitation after discharge, at home or in a different type of medical facility such as a skilled nursing unit or rehabilitation unit. Additionally, an acute care physical therapist may recommend appropriate medical equipment or assistive devices, such as a walker, crutches, grab bars in the bathroom, or a cane.

At London Physiotherapy at home, we offer acute physio for patients at home.

Acute Care Physiotherapy

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