Olders Person’s Physiotherapy

With age it is common to lose muscle strength, balance and mobility. The effects of osteoporosis can also cause problems within the spine and of certain joints. We are trained in creating programmes that will help to improve your situation. As a result you will be less at risk of falling. We can also assess your home environment to make any difficult daily activities easier.

London Physiotherapy at Home is ideal following a period in hospital. Elderly people require specialised rehabilitation in order to maintain their independence and mobility, for circulatory, musculoskeletal, joint or psychological concerns. We understand the importance of stimulating the mind as well as the body in order to reduce the likelihood of fear or depression that may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

London Physiotherapists at Home will be able to provide you with the most appropriate care as we travel to you. Treatments in the comfort of your own home help to develop rehabilitation protocols suitable to your environment, such as teaching you the safest ways to move around. We treat women who suffer from prolapse, incontinence, loss of sexual sensation and pelvic pain due to age or any other causes.

Olders Person’s Physiotherapy

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