Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Following surgery, the operated area may be extremely painful and swollen. Damaged tissues will recuperate themselves over time but will be enhanced by physiotherapy treatments. A training program will be developed by London Physiotherapy at Home, taking into account the condition of the patient and of the operated area.

London Physiotherapy at Home not only rehabilitate, but also educate on daily-life activities, the cause of the injury and any preventative measures that can be taken to avoid future injury. Five steps to post surgery rehabilitation:

  • To reduce the pain and the oedema using cold therapy, massage and manual lymphatic drainage
  • To improve joint mobility by using passive then active mobilisation
  • To regain joint, muscle and tendon flexibility
  • To retrain muscles in order to gain strength and provide stability to the affected joint
  • To regain the proprioception of the joints by retraining the sensitive receptors contained in the joints to avoid any future injury.

Post Surgery Rehabilitation

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